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Sometimes you just have to laugh…

the day after my post cards get sent out, my phone decides that it no longer wanted to let me hear anything!! It rings when someone calls, yes, almost as if teasing me…go ahead pick up the phone…it might be a seller…But it does no good, cause I CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING!?!?!

When I try and call someone I can’t even hear the other phone ring through my phone, it’s just silent.

To top it all off this phone is the phone I bought used off of ebay to replace my original phone that felt the wrath of my kitchen floor back in November.

I’d buy a new phone but retail prices for blackberries are 500+. So I have to make it till May when my T-mobile contract ends and I can buy a subsidized phone. This is gonna be fun!

On a brighter note…

I did find out that I can connect a bluetooth earpiece up to my phone and then I can hear. At least I can use my phone now, but it’s annoying because I’ve have to keep something else charged now…grrrrrr

Sorry for the rant and have a good weekend

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