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I happened upon an article today stating that NJ Gov Corzine signed a law to benefit homeowners in New Jersey. The law basically says this….

New Jerseyans risking foreclosure now have access to millions of dollars — plus an army of no-charge counselors and lawyers — to help keep their homes.

Governor Corzine said thousands of homeowners can expect relief in loan and lease programs, funded with $40 million from a law he signed Friday. He also launched a first-in-the-country mediation service in which borrowers and negotiators will try to reduce late fees, mortgage rates — even lower monthly payments.

If you want to read the full article click here…

Corzine signs law benefiting homeowners

My take on this is that it won’t really do much good, only prolong the agony of the economy as well as just use up more tax payer money. Can you say Bandaid?

On to me now…

Open House Tour

The open house tour opened up it’s 2009 campaign with 3 houses. At the first house the realtor was talking to some other people so I told her I’d just walk through myself. As I was looking at the bedrooms, one of the doors was closed so I opened one might do…and to my shocking surprise there was a lady in bed sleeping with a mask on. I never closed a door faster!! whoops

That realtor also gave me a number to a mortgage broker that is suppose to offer really good rates with no points. Since I’m trying to refinance my mortgage I’m going to give her a call. I will post her name and number when I get home tonight for anyone else who wants to see what she is all about (note: this is not a recommendation, but just a passing of information).

At the second house the realtor was very nice and really seemed to know what she was doing. She has been one of the top Realtors in the area the last few years. We talked for about 45 minutes and I gave out my very first “Short Sale” business card to her. I was excited..haha

I think that brings my Open House Count up to 58


I also sent out another 37 postcards sunday night. Hopefully I will get some calls with this batch. I realize they are small batches, but every week there will be another 30+ postcards out there with my name and number on them.

Return To Sender

For those that send out Mailers and get “Return to Senders”, that can be valuable info for some people. For me I’m sending the addresses to the guys at NJQuicksell. They are skiptracers and can hunt these people down. If the person is hard to find, then competition for their homes will be scarce 🙂

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