A Probate Course Got me on Track

I first really started making progress with real estate investing when I decided it was time to focus on one technique.  Probate investing intrigued me because it required more work to get the leads, which meant there would be less competition.

Doing a search for probate investing online I came across a fairly cheap course by Ron Mead called 31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate.  The course was only $67 so I figured why not?

As I went through the course I chronicled each step into a blog post.  Below you can find the link to each step.  The course is great and I really do believe it was one of the big reasons for me getting over analysis paralysis.

More Information about 31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate

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  1. Hi Scott!

    I ran across your blog while researching Ron Mead and Probate REI.

    A couple questions: are you still actively REI using Ron’s methods? Have you run into issues regarding competition? Based on time and word of mouth, wasn’t certain if this technique was still effective, practical.


    1. Hi Darryl,

      I do not mail to probates anymore, but not because the method stopped working. It did work to get calls and some deals. I stopped because I (or my partner) could no longer get to the court house to pull leads. Their hours do no play nice when you work a 9 to 5 job.

  2. I have a pdf copy of Ron Mead’s 104 page “31 Days To Profit In Probate Investing” and you are right!

    This is just one great book. Informative, no junk, straight to the point, easy step-by-step instructions and a complete program.

    It is just as powerful today as every. We have used it has the our blue print for probate investments. I regret that it is no longer available.

    All The Best,

    1. Hi Reginald,

      It sounds like Ron Mead’s “31 Days to Profit in Probate Investing” is an amazing resource….but, as Scott mentioned, it has been discontinued. I have looked all over the internet and there seems to be no place to get a copy of it. Ron’s website is not even functional anymore.

      So, because you have a PDF of the book, I was wondering if there is a way you could email me a copy of it so that I could follow along as I read Scott’s blog. Is that possible?

      Thanks in advance and I hope you continue to succeed in your investing.

    2. Hello Reginald! I have a pdf copy of the first 29 pages of the ebook. Would you be willing to send me the remaining pages.

      Thanks for your help

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