Probate Monday #5 – Make Money From Your Leads

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probate investingSince this is a short week thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday, I figured it would be the logical spot to review what we have done so far.  I will also give everyone a great tip I got from Nick Johnson.

Another reason why I’m not moving forward just yet is my probate list is scheduled to arrive until the end of this week.  My source is currently gathering the information from the court house.  In my county the information is posted on the 15th of every month, and Brian over at the lead company said I’ll have the list by the end of the month.  So I wait…

5 Steps Covered So Far

We have done a good amount of work in the last 4 weeks and are on schedule to get our mailers out by the end of the month.  December is going to be great, I can feel it!  I’m excited to start getting phone calls and talking with sellers who want to sell their house.  This is going to be a slow week, so I decided it’s a great time to review and allow those who have fell behind, or got a late start, a chance to catch up.

1. Determine your farm area

2. Finding Your Lead Source (Public Notice Newspaper, Courthouse or Buy the Leads)

3. Determine the leads that have Real Estate

4. Write your Probate Letter to send out

5. Send out the Mailers

  • More info for this in the coming weeks

Create Marketing Money From Your Leads

If you are like me, and I’m sure many of you are, you don’t have a lot of money to put into marketing.  There is no shame in that, heck most of us are just starting out and are yet to do our first deal.  Nick Johnson from recently gave me a great tip on putting those leads to work for you, whether you use them yourself our not.

Sell the probate leads!

Most Realtors will pay for leads, we do it all the time right?  I’m buying my leads right now.   This is a great way to get a little extra money to spend on marketing.  Read this forum post started by Nick to get the complete run down of the strategy…

Great Way to Generate Some Capital as a Newbie

You’ll see that he is offering up the leads for $20 each and requiring a minimum of 10 leads purchased.  What an easy way to make $200!

Even though I don’t have my list yet, I’m going to create an ad to place on craigslist to see if I can drum up some interest.  I’ll let you all know how it turns out, but this has me excited.

Also for those of you who have not done so, join up with (it’s free) and join the Nationwide Probate Investors group.  It’s got over 180 members and is fairly active.

What else I’m going to do this week

  • Create a word template for my probate letter
  • If I get my list by Friday the 27th, I’m going to go to the courthouse to check it against what I can find.
  • Hopefully mail out some letters!
  • Work on my website and ad more content to it

What are you going to do this week?

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  2. Scott, I'm glad you're considering using that as an option to generate some additional marketing income and Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

  3. Scott (and Nick) that's an awesome idea. Heck, since I'm in other avenues right now I could use probate leads as just a pure source of income and to top it all off, eventually find some college kid to get the information for me and pay them hourly.

    Fantastic idea. Thanks so much guys!

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