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In my quest to become a real estate investor I’ve come across a lot of great websites, tools and just helpful information.  I have posted about each and every one of these things in the past, but I realized that it would be great to have one page that listed all this great information.  Below is a breakdown of what I feel are THE BEST resources out there.

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Real Estate Investor Blogs

Good Faith Investing by Shae Bynes

I have known Shae ever since I started my blog three years ago.  She is my most frequent commenter and just truly a caring person.  Her blog is about building multiple streams of income through Real Estate Investing, smart decisions and a great attitude.  Have a look and I know you’ll enjoy Shae’s kind hearted style.

Flip This Wholesaler by Steph Davis

Steph get’s many plugs on my blog because have how hard she worked to get where she is today.  Her wholesaling blog is a literal “how to” on sticking with it no matter until you come out on the other side smelling all roses.  Steph does regular videos where she answers reader questions about all things real estate investing, but her main area of expertise is bank owned (REO) properties.

1 2 3 Flip by J Scott is a gold mine of information if you are a rehabber.  J is one of the best at explaining all the areas of rehabbing as he takes you through each and everyone of his projects.  The blog is setup great and is very simple.  Be sure not to overlook the tons of articles and helpful spreadsheets that he offers up.

Life as a Real Estate Investor byJulie Broad

Don’t be a hoser now, you must visit this site eh!  There aren’t many Canadian real estate investors sharing what they know like Julie Broad and her husband Dave.  There is no wonder why this blog won the 2009 Battle of the Blogs over at MustKnowInvesting.  Julie deals a lot with ins and outs of being a landlord.  She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

House Flipping School by Mike LaCava and partner Ralph

I recently was contacted by these two guys and was impressed with their passion for real estate investing and knowledge.  They are full time investors and do a wonderful job on their rehabs.  Jump on over to their site and see how they can help you!

Real Estate Investing Forums

REI Club

This is the place I can credit for my initial education in real estate investing.  The forums are so active that you’ll get your questions answered in as little as a few minutes.  Most of the time you don’t even have to post, you can just search the boards for your question.  It HAS been asked and answered before.  The people are friendly and very willing to help out a newbie or seasoned pro.


Once my knowledge started to increase, I discovered an investor by the name of Steve Cook who was running a smaller forum.  This atmosphere was great for learning because I really got to know many of the other posters on the site.  From Steve himself, to Steph Davis and even Shae.  This is my favorite forum for sure and it’s very active even though it has many less members then REI club.

Bigger pockets is more of a full blown REI resource then just a forum.  There is a more of a social networking feel to the site that really separates it from the rest.  It is a great place to meet other investors in your area and clear across the country.  Many people use the site to sell deals or get advice on topics like probate investing, reo, private money, etc..


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