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Probate Resources

A listing of all the resources that I use for my probate investing.  From where I get my probate lists to how I double check the addresses.  I also share with you the course I used to get started with probates.  Take a look and hopefully you find something that is helpful to you as well.

Marketing Materials

I spend much of my time putting together direct mail campaigns and this page gives you all the tools, tricks and resources I have discovered since I’ve started.  Putting together thousands of mailers is not to bad if you develop a system and have the right tools for the job.

Real Estate Investing Knowledge

The links on this page are the places to go in order to learn about real estate investing for FREE.  I got my start reading all of these sites religiously and I have no doubt that you can as well.  Even if you are an experienced investor, these blogs, forums and communities are a great place to network and pick up new ideas.

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