REIFlow for Podio: Preview #2

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Anyone who has used Podio knows that there is a learning curve when first getting started. This learning curve is much steeper then most other software systems because you basically have to develop your own system. Podio, at its core, is a development platform that makes it easy to create custom input forms and store that information in tables.

If that was all Podio did, it wouldn’t require such a learning curve and wouldn’t be nearly as powerful. In my experience these are the challenges that new Podio users face…

  1. Understanding what Podio actually is
  2. Figuring out how Podio works in terms of Workspaces, Apps and Items
  3. How to create an App
  4. How to structure multiple Apps and link them together
  5. How to automate certain data input tasks, create tasks and other workflows (what makes podio so awesome)
  6. How to integrate 3rd Party services/apps with Podio to get information from (Google, Voicemail systems,etc..)
  7. How to integrate 3rd Party services/apps with Podio to send information too (Lob, email, etc..)

This was my natural progression and I’m assuming it was for most of you as well.


My Solution

Yes…Podio has some pre-created Apps and App Packages that you can install from their App Market.  However, they don’t come close to what we  need as Real Estate Investors/Wholesalers.  As I started to understand Podio and then the Podio API I came to the conclusion that I could develop a full blown Lead Management/CRM Podio system.  Better yet, I can leverage the API to allow anyone to replicate my system EXACTLY…Just by clicking a button.

What will be installed?

  • My Entire Lead Management Workspace (10 Apps)
  • Integrations with Zillow, Google Maps, Bing Maps and more
  • Workflows for Lead Statusing
  • Precreated Workflows for Task Automation
  • Ability to setup and automate Task Creation based off almost any action

You won’t need to pay Podio $120/mo to get the automations you need.  Everything is setup with 1 click of a button…just like most turn-key software.


Introducing REIFlow for Podio

I’m calling this Podio System REIFlow for Podio. It is my attempt at giving new and novice Podio users a powerful, yet simple system that can be ready to use in minutes.

With Globiflow now only available for Podio Premium users who pay for 5 users (that’s $24/mo/user or $120/mo), there is even more of a need for Podio automation solutions.

My solution is not globiflow, but provides the basic (some advanced) automations that most investors need for a CRM/Lead Management system.

Below you’ll find a couple of videos showing you examples of what REIFlow for Podio can do. It’s not a finished product yet, but will be soon.

Install Process

Here is a video of me installing REIFlow for Podio to one of my Podio accounts. I still have a lot of work to do on the interface (it’s basic and ugly right now), so don’t kill me for that..LOL

Full Preview

This video shows you the full preview of what REIFlow can do. I take you through the process of adding a lead and bring it through the entire lead flow.

When will it be released?

At this point I do not have a concrete release date for REIFlow. While the systems is nearing completion I still have a lot of work to do on the member site as well as all the help documentation and video tutorials.

If you have any interest in REIFlow, just get on my mailing list and you’ll be notified of updates, the beta release and final release.

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