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I am happy to announce that the latest version of SI Lead Manager has been released…v7!  This latest update to SI Lead Manager is the biggest update yet.  The entire software has been recreated from the ground up in order to take it to the next level.

I’ve listened to the suggestions and have put all my efforts into making this one of the most user friendly lead management applications out there. There are 3 main areas that I wanted to focus on with this new release…

Number 1 – Organization of Property Leads and All the Data you’ll need to maintain

Previous versions of SI Lead Manager where lacking in what information you could keep track of.  There are now over 45 data points you can record.   Here is an overview of what sort of information can be recorded…

  • Create repair costs by entering in a complete repair estimate…you can actually put in multiple estimates
  • Attach documents, files, images to every lead
  • Record Comps
  • Keep track of your Offers
  • Detailed Notes
  • Mortgages and Liens
  • And if for some reason you need to store more information, you can create up to 30 custom fields!

In addition you are not tied to one way of organizing your leads.  Assign custom tags to all your leads to group and categorize them so you can find them.  Only your imagination limits you.


Number 2 – Creating and Keeping track of Direct Mail Campaigns

This is my favorite part of the software and the part that solved my biggest pain.  Being able to quickly create and schedule multiple mailing campaigns.  Then be able to open up a screen and see exactly which mailings I needed to mail at any time saved my sanity.  This is all possible because of these features…

  • Template Based Campaign System (Letter, Envelope and Campaign Templates).  Easily create multiple campaign templates that you can use over and over again.
  • Powerful Letter and Envelope design development tool so you can create letter and envelope templates for all your needs
  • Simple interface that shows you when mailings need to go out and print them


Number 3 – Ease of Use

My goal was to make SI Lead Manager so easy that you would never need to go to the help files.  You’ll notice this the very first time you log in.  There are some advanced features that you may need to get some help with… and that’s ok!  I’ve created over 60 tutorial videos that go over every part of the application and there is a dedicated blog for further information.


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