Lead Statuses – How Do You Handle Them?

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I’m in the process of reworking the statuses for lead manager and figured I’d get your input.  After using SI Lead Manager – Beta 5 for about 5 months now I’ve been thinking that there is a better way to handle how I status the leads once I get them into the system.

Sometimes the lead is only in a status for a split second before I move it to another.  For instance, if I get a call from a lead and they want off the mailing list.  I put them into the “Responded” status first to record that they responded and then put them in the “Closed” status so we no longer mail to them.  This doesn’t seem like the right way to do it.

I current have 8 Statuses..
  1. Prospect
  2. Marketing
  3. Closed
  4. Working
  5. On Hold
  6. Deal
  7. Responded
  8. Returned
I want to break them up into two separate statuses, one for overall status and the other for marketing status.  So here is how I see it…
Overall Status
  1. Prospect (all new leads entered into the system)
  2. Closed (we no longer want to go after this lead)
  3. Talking (leads that we’ve had some contact with and are actively talking to and negotiating with)
  4. Made Offer (leads we’ve made an offer too and waiting to hear back from)
  5. Under Contract (leads we’ve got under contract)
  6. Deal (cha ching!)
  7. On Hold (leads that we’ve had some contact with but are waiting on for down the road)
Marketing Status
  1. None (not sending anything to)
  2. Market (leads we are actively sending letters to)
  3. Responded (leads that have responded)
  4. Returned mail (leads that we’ve gotten return to sender from)
  5. Follow up (leads out of the normal marketing campaigns, but we want to follow up with)
What do you think?  These would show up as separate statuses when viewing a lead.   Each is independent of the other for the most part.  Obviously if you close a deal then there is no more marketing to them.
I still have some more thinking to do but this is a better system I feel.
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