Beta 5 Tutorial #2 – Importing Leads From Excel

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Tutorial #2: Importing Leads from Excel

This is the method I prefer to enter in all my leads.  If I have a few dozen leads to enter into beta 5, I like to put them in an excel spread sheet and then import them.

  1. Open up the Leads area
  2. Click “Import” then “…From Excel”
  3. Select Excel file to import
  4. Match fields
  5. Import
If you use a specific column headings in your excel file, Step #4 will auto-match your fields saving you a few clicks.   Here is a template you can use to enter all your leads into…
You can use any excel spreadsheet that you have no matter what the column headings are, you will just have to manually match up the fields.

Here is the Video Demonstration

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