Beta 5 Tutorial #1 – Entering A Single Lead

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Tutorial #1: Entering A Single Lead

One of the first things you’ll want to do after installing SI Lead Manager – Beta 5 is to put some leads into the system.  One of the two ways to do this is by manually entering in each lead.   Here are the steps you need to follow in order to do this…

  1. Navigate to the Leads area by clicking the menu item.
  2. Create a new List (you can skip this step if list already exists)
  3. Create a new Lead
To see a demonstration of this you can watch the below video
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  1. I entered 4 leads info the program.
    Oh, but it will not print them for me, only wants to export but not to my comput6er.

    There’s not print function?? just export??.

    1. Post

      Hi Jay,

      Are you trying to print a lead sheet with lead information from a lead in the system? if so you are correct I didn’t add that feature just yet. The reason is that I haven’t needed it for my use. Shoot me an email with a layout and information you’d like to see on a print out and I’ll add that feature for beta 6.

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