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Real Estate Investing Lead ManagerFirstly, let me just tell you that I’m really excited about the new SI Lead Manager Beta 5.  I’ve learned a lot from using Beta 4 for that past five months.  There were things that annoyed me about it and there were some things I liked about it.  With Beta 5 I tried to eliminate all those annoyances in order to help me ( and also anyone else using the program).

I can’t quite give a release date for when Beta 5 will be coming out, so I’m sorry about that.  I can say that it will be before the end of the year.  The main reason is because I want to use it!  Yesterday I recorded some quick “teaser videos” of a few of the features so you all can have a look at what I’ve been working on.


Importing Leads

I’ve streamlined importing of leads a bit by reducing the number of steps from 5 down to 3.    The process will also automatically match up the field names in excel to those in my database.  To do this though you’ll have to use specific field names in your spreadsheet (OWNER_LAST_NAME, PROPERTY_ADDRESS, etc…).  As time goes on I’ll be improving the auto-matching as I think of new ways. I also added the ability to import using Excel 2008 and Excel 2010 formats.

Here is a teaser video of me importing…


Creating Mailings

This is one of the features I’ve been working hardest to simplify.  You can create and save patterns to use again and again.  My most common pattern is to send out 7 mailings, one every 3 months with specific letters for each mailing.

I’ve taken out anything to do with printing envelopes because I found out the best way to do that is to export your mailing list into an excel file and merge with a word document.  I do it this way right now and it takes seconds.

Here is a quick video demonstrating how I create mailings in Beta 5 and print them to screen…



This feature is something I think is going to be very useful for people.  It’s a one stop place to see all the tasks (Calls, Offers to Make, Comps to Run,etc..) you have to do.   You can view tasks in a list organized by date or specific task.  Also if you use Google Calendar, the tasks will be visible there as well so you can setup reminders.

Here is a quick demo video of Tasks…


As you can also see in these videos I’ve completely changed the user interface of the program.  It is now designed to allow the user to get to the information they want faster and with less clicks.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.


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  1. Hi Scott,

    I hope your real estate wholesaling endeavors are going great, I know that you have been busy with your JOB and doing wholesaling on the side but I wanted to know when you would release V5 of your lead tracking software? I have V4 but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it efficiently with the leads that I have coming in. What I’ll start doing is sending you the errors that I’ve been getting and if you don’t mind I can provide you with some feedback as I start using the program more often. I really appreciate the time, effort and hard work that you have put in to develop this great tool plus let’s not forget the fact that you are offering this great piece of software at no cost to us, thanks Scott.


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      Hey Alex,

      I’m actually a few days away from importing my beta4 data into beta5 and using it myself so I can test it out. Once I get confidence in the stability of the program I’ll be releasing it. My guess would be sometime around Thanksgiving.

      At this point I think it would be helpful if you could send me an email with how you are using beta4 to manage your leads instead of just the error messages. The reason I say this is that Beta5 is basically a complete remake of the system and if I can get a sense on how users want to use the system it’ll help me make it better.

      Thanks again Alex!

      1. Hello Scott,

        The way I’m trying to use your software is by first getting leads that are coming from probates lists, Craigslist, my squeeze page, bandit sign campaign or any other way possible leads, but my first experience using the lead manager wasn’t so pleasant, I went and watched your tutorials to try and understand the software a bit better but that was a while a go and I don’t quite remember what I was struggling with, I’ll give it another shot and this time I’ll post exactly what I was trying to accomplish and what I experience. By the way thanx for the quick response.


  2. Hey Scott,

    Never mind, when I was using SI Lead Manager back then I had excel 2003 and now that I’m up and running again I upgraded to office 2010, so I guess I’ll wait for you to add excel 2010 support to the software. Right now it would be too much for me to do manual entries of each lead, I will definitely be using the import option, but don’t beat yourself up take your time developing the software, trust me I understand that it’s not easy to juggle a full time JOB and wholesaling and for you also trying to develop a useful software, but your effort is always appreciated. I’m looking forward to hearing that you’ve completed deal #2.


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      Hey Alex,

      I’ve already implemented importing from Excel versions 2007 and 2010 into the new version. So when I get around to releasing it you’ll be able to upload your spread sheets. I’ve just started using beta 5 myself and am working out the bugs. Once I have a stable product I’ll be releasing it to everyone. Might be a couple weeks before I’m comfortable with how it works though

      1. Hey Scott,

        It’s nice to hear that you added that feature, I’m really excited to try it out. Thanx for everything man and keep on trucking.


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