I Bet You Have The Strengths

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I am a man with little free time, but that could be said for anyone who is trying to break free from their day job.   The only time we have is the evenings and weekends.  That time is even further dwindled when you think about making time to eat, sleep, spend time with family and friends and emergencies.  At most I’ve got 3 hours a night during the week and a couple hours on the weekend to get done all that real estate investing requires me to get done.

What I have realized over the past year is that certain things I’m good at and enjoy doing, and there are certain things that I’m not good at yet and find it a big time struggle to get done.  I will admit that those things don’t get done a lot because I am just tired of the constant internal battle I have with myself ( like calling leads).

Concentrate on your Strengths

A few books I’ve read recently have driven home the point of concentrating most of your attention on doing what you are good at and perfecting it.  You will be widely more successful in life if you are exceptional in one area as opposed to average in all areas.  Have you ever heard the attage….Knower of All, Master of None?

We grow up with people always telling us that we need to work on the aspects of our life that we are poor at in order to be a well rounded person.  That sounds great in theory, but just think about what happens to those unique skills that you do have if you are always working on your poorer skills.  They suffer, and suffer big time.

Let’s take a professional baseball player for example, they are born with a unique set of skills that allow them to be great at baseball.  Hand eye coordination, great dexterity and a level of intelligence that allows them to excel.   Now if this person never practiced those skills and decided to improve on his poorer skills he would never achieve the height of success that he could have.  We are a society of specialists and the specialists are the ones that make the money.

I Truly Believe This

I am completely on board with this thinking.  Over the past few months I’ve been working on identifying my strengths and weaknesses.  The hard part of the process was that I don’t know everything I’m good at and enjoy doing.  You have to try it first right?  But what I do know are the things that I don’t enjoy doing.  Those are the things I’m going to hire out and get someone else to do for me.

I did this unknowingly in the past, when I got an investing partner.  I did not like making phone calls, so now he makes the calls and every since that change we have closed our first deal and are hot on a few more.  It was a major step in my advancement.

Succeeding With Limited Time

As a mentioned in the beginning of this post, time is not on my side.  What time I do have I must focus all my efforts on improving my strengths.  This gives me the perfect way to determine which tasks I need to outsource (get help with).   The benefits are many…

  1. I love doing what I’m doing, all the time
  2. Keeps me motivated
  3. Makes my strengths even stronger

Do you know what your Strengths and Weaknesses are?


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