catching up on real estate investing tasks

Catch up Week: Resources, Stamps, Leads and More

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catching up on real estate investing tasksI have decided that I needed some time every month to catch-up on things that I’ve been putting off because they were less important (I.E. non-money making activities).  These tasks are important to my overall goals, but didn’t need to be done right away.  The only problem is that over time these items stack up and I have to relegate some time for them.

So this is my catch-up week and I’ve been working on some of the following items…

Resource Pages

Over the years I’ve discovered many different online resources and tools that I use for my real estate investing.  Many of them have been mentioned in posts, but I realized I didn’t have a very organized area on my blog for other people (and me to reference) to easily find.  These resource pages only contain things that I can recommend and have personally used.  Some of the links are referral links so I’ll make a few bucks if you decide to click through.

You can also find this information in the “My Resources” menu item above.


It seems like I run out of supplies way to often and it holds me up.   I usually try to keep 200 mailers worth of stamps and supplies on hand at all times.  The quantity is low because I’m trying to not outlay hoards of cash at one time, but I’m finding it might be better to purchase larger quantities of stamps, envelopes and paper.  Doing so will limit my trips to the store and require me to remember to buy these items less often.  So today I’ll be stocking up for the rest of the month.


SI Lead Manager

Over the past two weeks I’ve been working pretty hard on the program to include some new features, clean up errors and to try and make it easier to use.  Make it more user friendly is the hardest part and will be a constant battle until I get it just right.  Here are some of the features that I’ve added…

  • Enhanced Calendar
  • Do Next tasks show up on Calendar
  • Automatic upload Events and Tasks to Google Calendar
  • Improved Notes for individual leads.  Each note is recorded on a timeline
  • Leads are organized into “Buckets” (New, Closed, Working, Mailing To, On Hold, Deals) to make it easier to differentiate the stages of the lead.
  • Improved dashboard that makes it easier to access the leads you want.
  • 53 free contracts, documents and letters courtesy of J.P. Mosses
  • and much more


How do you setup time to do things you’ve been putting off?

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