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I love the summer time here in the north east.  It doesn’t get dark until 9pm, getting out of work at noon on Fridays and being able to see my wife more are a few things that make summer great.  Some of my favorite things to do are going down the shore to walk on the boardwalk, eating Kohr’s Soft Serve ice cream cones  and BBQing with friends and family.

With the good though comes some bad things.  The heat and humidity is enough to drive a man insane, to be honest it is more the humidity then anything.  On days like today (95 degrees and 90% humidity) I’ll break into a sweat instantly even if I just think about going outside.  Heck I’m on the verge of sweating sitting at my computer typing this post because my employer has the AC on low and the the heat is just emanating through the walls.   Every 10 minutes I just sit completely still to cool down a bit.  I’m pathetic I know, haha.

Because of all the new distractions summer brings, it causes me to have to readjust my schedule.  I’m a man who likes his routines.  Having routines allows me to not have to think about what to do next or how I should be doing what I’m doing (all time wasters).

Vacations and Holidays!  I love’m to death, but man do they put me behind.  You have Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  Then throw in the week long family vacation to the shore and I’m spending 4 weeks out of the summer trying to catch up from days off.  And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know it takes me a few days to rev my engines back up.

For those of you who work a full time job like I do, I’m finding the best way to handle these distractions is to have a plan.   This plan should schedule out your entire summer and give you a detailed guide as to how you are going to work around any of those wonderful summer distractions.

Apparently thinking is overheating my body right now so I’m gonna end the post here with a question…How do you all make the transition from a Real Estate Investing to vacation back into Real Estate Investing?  I ask this because that vacation always kills my momentum big time.

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  1. Hmmmm…the transition back into real estate investing. This is exactly what happened with me last year. It’s sort of like my vacation really never ended (though I was working a little).

    I’m about to take a vacation and plan to have some easily attainable goals laid out for when I get back. Nothing that will require a lot of hard work right away. Just some things to get me focused again. We’ll see if it works at all. I guess you’ll know if it didn’t if I stop posting on my blog about flipping houses and just post about flying airplanes. 🙂

  2. I usually take an extra day when I return home from vacation to just re-acclimate myself to “work”….I’ll write out a plan and allow myself a day to just get back into the groove, handle personal stuff, and just not overdo it on the first day back…but I will have a plan so by day 2, I’m ready to hit the ground running.

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