REIClub Giveaway #2: Probate Interview CD Set

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As a result of coming in 2nd place at the investor blog contest I received 5 free products from their store.  I chose to get 2 Wholesaling Interview products, 2 Probate Interview products and 1 Private Money Interview product.  I thought these interview series best related to what I do here on my blog and best related to people reading my blog.

Today’s Giveaway:  1 Probate Interview CD Set

Three interviews with Probate experts. Guys who stumbled onto this market years ago and have been quietly milking it… through the go-go years and the hard times years, they keep humming along. And they never run out of deals in this market.

None of them are lawyers. Average guys who reveal exactly how they work this market.

Grab these three how-to interviews and work this proven (and growing) market in your own back yard and profit…

You will hear from these incredible investors…

  • Eric Stevens
  • Ernie Vargas
  • Ron Mead

To read more about the CD Set go here:  Probate Interviews

How to WIN??

Just post a comment below


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  1. Congratulations, Scott!

    I’ve never heard of an easier contest than to post a comment. 🙂

    Just wanted to say that your blog really is awesome and I like the design, very clean and cool. Just wanted to say that and this is not just to try and win the cd set, so don’t enter me in the contest.

  2. Post

    Thanks Danny, I’m liking the new design so far as well. I still need to get a nice logo header and all, I’m gonna try to see if I can get one.

    What is strange though is I always have problems getting the amount of comments other blogs get who have similar traffic. It’s an interesting challenge for myself to make my blog more interactive. Giving away things apparently doesn’t work LOL

  3. Scott,

    Congrats on being recognized on your blog. I’ve been following you for a while now but so far its been a one way street.
    Promise to be more interactive going forward. (& yes-give-a-ways caught my attention) 🙂

    Until the next time…


  4. Oh, investing in probate properties. Now there’s something I need to learn how to get into! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

    Thanks for the blog, by the way. I love that you selflessly post useful information, as well as honest updates about your investing business.

  5. Congrats! Well deserved!
    I’d be very interested in the probate series. I’ve tried to buy the probate lists for Union County, but the only fellow I know that sells probate lists works Union County himself and so won’t sell. Hopefully I can learn enough to do it on my own,

    1. Post

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