ReiClub Giveaway #1: Wholesaling Interview

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As a result of coming in 2nd place at the investor blog contest I received 5 free products from their store.  I chose to get 2 Wholesaling Interview products, 2 Probate Interview products and 1 Private Money Interview product.  I thought these interview series best related to what I do here on my blog and best related to people reading my blog.

Today’s Giveaway:  1 Wholesaling Interview CD Set

REIClub Wholesale Interviews CD set. Three content dense interviews with seasoned Wholesale pro’s who are ACTIVE in the market today. This is not days-gone-by stuff…

You will hear from these incredible investors…

  • Mike Collins
  • Steve Cook
  • Than Merrill

To read more about the CD Set go here:  Wholesaling Interviews

How to WIN??

It’s easy, just post a comment below and tell me how you either spent the profits from your first deal or plan on spending the profits from your first deal.  This is not a test just something fun and I will randomly select the winner tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, it’s 11:21pm and nobody wants this huh?  Here is a question?  is it hard to comment using DISQUS comment system?   I’m going to extend this contest until I get some comments because I’m sure people do want this for free.

  2. Congratulations on coming in second place in the blog contest, Scott!

    The profits on our first deal went into paying for things for our business, like legal fees for setting up the company, LLC tax, Quickbooks software, and the like. Not too exciting, I know, but stuff we needed to do.

    As for commenting using the DISQUS system, if what I’m using now is that system, then it couldn’t be easier!

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  3. Not entering the contest, just wanted to share what you were asking for and hopefully others will come forward.

    We spent the proceeds from our first deal doing more marketing for more deals. Put it back into the company and turned it into more profit. Of course, we did spend some on celebration. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Blogging contest. As for how I would spend the money after I close my 1st deal, I would reinvest in my Real Estate education and marketing my business. To your continued success, Dolores Scully

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