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Marketing Monday: Increase Production By 300%

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lace front wigsLast week I set a goal to put out 300 direct mail letters which is by far a record for me in a given week.   I usually put out about 100 pieces of mail in a week and could do that in a shade over 2 hours.  That 3 hours includes building the list from the tax records, formatting the lists to upload into SI Lead Manager, printing the letters and envelopes, stuffing, sealing, stamping and decorating.  Safe to say I’ve got it down to a pretty efficient system.  The system fits nicely into my weekly schedule

However, what I found out this week is if I increase the amount of mailers it really increases my time spent.  The reason is I have to prep and setup multiple times because the process now spans over multiple days.  I also found that I run out of room to spread out my supplies which causes me to disrupt my rhythm so to speak.  You should have seen my condo last week, every flat surface was covered in envelopes.  Tables, chairs, dresser, office desk, everything!

How to Solve This Problem?

On Thursdays I usually go over to my parents house for dinner but I was thinking of canceling because I had to finish up the mailers.  By this time I had to but the return address and the decoration on 325 envelopes.  Eating at my parents takes about 2 hours and I also had to fit in my p90x workout that day (2 hrs w/shower)  as well which left me very little time to do the envelopes.

Then I had a brilliant idea!  Bring the envelopes to my parents and have them help me after we eat dinner.  With the 3 of us working, it took just 20 minutes to put the return addresses and decorations on the envelopes.

This worked out so well, I’ll be bringing them over to my parents house every time I go for dinner.  They were happy to help and I was happy to get things done 3 times as fast!


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  1. Very clever system, Scott. I, myself, would have a bit of trouble asking my parents to help out but almost always they’d be willing to so you’ve indeed, a really efficient system. No doubt your folks appreciate your innate drive and determination and are therefore eager and willing to help whenever possible. Kudos to both your ingenuity and your sheer moxie in getting them to chip in. Good job!

    1. Thanks Jeffrey, one thing that I will make sure of is if they are helping that I’m doing it along side with them. I’d feel bad having my parents doing all the work while I bark orders.

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