More Confusion with my Real Estate License

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In my post last week (Real Estate License Stuck in Limbo) I figured out why my mls account was suspended and was told by the NCJAR that I needed to get my transfer forms filled out and signed by my “New” broker and include a $15 check.  Well there seems to be more to the story then just that…

I called up my broker and explained the situation to the nice lady at Realty Executives.  I figured I’d be told “No problem, just stop by the office to get the paper signed”.  Instead I was met with a confused person.  Why was she confused you may ask?  I wasn’t sure and that made me confused.

After exploring the situation with her we realized that with my license being in referral status I shouldn’t have mls access and thus should not have been told that I needed to pay the NCJAR fee of $450 to keep my MLS access.  In the back of my mind I had this feeling I shouldn’t be getting MLS access but I have been for the past 8 months.

Since I need the MLS and have already paid the $450 fee, I figured I should just return my license to an active state.  $615 and some paper work later I am now officially active again and will have my MLS access restored in the next day or so.  yay me!

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