Marketing Monday: Building Momentum With 19%

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I’ve said this before and I am sure to say it again, but momentum is a very powerful thing in real estate investing.  This past week I felt like I really got the momentum moving in the positive direction and I need to keep on it

First Round Out-of-State owners result

I am starting to see results from the first round of mailers. There were 28 mailings in that batch and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten 5 calls. For those that are counting, that is 19% response rate. I will take that any time!

Caller #1: Wanted to sell his 2bed/2bath place, but was asking for the moon. He was willing to do owner finance, but if we were wholesalers/flippers he wanted nothing to do with us.  NEXT!

Caller #2: We left message on their voice mail

Caller #3: They had just gotten a two year lease and wouldn’t be ready to sell until 2013.  noted

Caller #4: Is not interested in selling his property, and thanked me for the letter.

Caller #5: Have to call this person back, just left a name and number.

Review Of Last Week

Last week was a busy one and I got a lot accomplished.

The Good

  • Put together 100 letters for two towns (this took me about 6 hours, I need to streamline the process more).
  • Had appointments to visit two houses (Tuesday and Sunday)
  • Put out Bandit Signs on Saturday morning

The Bad

  • Yet again I failed to put anyone on my buyers list.  That task keeps getting trumped by marketing for sellers.   I think I need to just set aside 1 week per month when all I’ll be doing is marketing to buyers.

To do this week

Buyers, Buyers, Buyers


Main Task:  Pull all cash buyers from MLS in the past year


Main Task: Get 3 solid buyers from REI Meetup meeting


Main Task: Mastermind meeting


Main Task: Create database to store buyers

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  2. Scott,
    I run into the same trap. I get so involved with one task, I neglect the others. One option have tried with some success is to set aside a night a week for a particular task. For instance, my Mondays are rental Mondays. While I get other small need to do items taken care of, my focus is on my rental properties. With that routine setup, I can plan ahead for that day. Another great thing I started doing was errand Tuesdays. I waste a ton of time running around, but if I pack everything on one day, its amazing what I get done that day. Its also amazing how much time it frees up during the rest of the week. Just some food for thought. It looks to me like you are making some fantastic progress.


    1. I’m finding that because of my schedule it takes me a week to do thing “non-working” investors can do in a day. So I’m just going to schedule my weeks like they are just one long day.

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