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Keeping Track of Real Estate Investing ActivityHave you ever wished you could follow a successful investor around while they handle their business conducting deals and dealing with sellers, buyers and everything in between?  At the current stage I’m at, I still have a lot of questions when it comes to what happens after you find that motivated seller and make the offer.  My questions are simple, and they pretty much just cover my nervousness towards the unknown…

  1. What is the first thing you should do after the contract is signed?
  2. How do complete the transaction with no realtors or attornies involved?
  3. Who do you file papers, contracts or anything else with?
  4. etc…

Well this weekend I’m going to get the chance.  Jon offered to take 7 people on a weekend following along program.  Because I’m apart of Jon’s coaching program I got a very good price on this chance and I couldn’t pass it up.

Next Monday I will report back and let everyone know how things went.  But I also wanted to give some of you the opportunity to get some questions answered. so If anyone has a question you’d like me to ask Jon, leave a comment with your question.

Hope everyone is doing well.

P.S. (steph davis style!) – For those that wanted the books I offered up 2 weeks ago I have yet to mail them out.  I’m terrible at remembering to do stuff like that.  You will get them just be patient with me 🙂

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  1. Doing a real estate transaction without an attorney or escrow/title company involved sounds quite risky to me. I’m curious to hear what your mentor recommends along these longs. Have fun this weekend!

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