Probate Monday: A Pre-Christmas Note

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Last week I spent a good bit of my free time putting together mailers to out of state owners, as well as my new probate list.  To do about two hundred mailers takes me a total of 3 hours or so.  About 2 evenings worth.  I probably could go quicker if I was able to put a stack of envelopes into the printer and leave it.  But I have to sit by and keep putting stacks of 10 into the feeder.  It works though.

Speaking of printing, I got sick and tired of my inkjet printer (a Canon MP600) last week.   I could only get through a few hundred letters and envelopes before I had to replace the blank ink.  At 15 bucks a clip, that ads up and it’s a royal pain the ass having to stop by the store ever other month.  So I decided, because I didn’t have a fax machine or a good copier to get an All-In-One Color laser jet printer.  After some research I decided to buy the Brother MFC-9440CN Color Laser All-in-One Printer with Built-in Ethernet Network Interface.  I’ve heard good things about brother printers and the price was right so I went for it.   Thing weighs over 70 lbs, so imagine my joy of having to carry it up the stairs all by myself.

My first week review of the printer is that I like it ALOT!  The first time I tried printing envelopes however got me a bit miffed.  It wrinkled it like grandma’s face as well as rolled it up like a streamer.  After some research, I found out that there are two clips in the back of the printer that if you flip to the envelope setting, it bypasses the heating rollers and the envelopes come out perfect.  Color me satisfied.


What a difference a week makes, as this weeks brings my mood back up.  I had a good weekend and gave me a chance to relax and just hang out with my wife.  I need days like that pretty often in order to get my motor going again.  Like I said before, I’ve got about 200 letters in the mail and I’m looking forward to talking with some potential sellers before Christmas.

And I’ll leave you with a picture of the Christmas tree my wife and I put up this past weekend.  I’m like a little kid around this time of year, you can catch me just staring at the tree from time to time.  I LOVE IT!

Christmas photography backdrops

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