It’s Raining Where It’s Not Suppose To!

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So we just got about 15 inches of snow spanning Sunday through mid day on Monday, and I will say it was fun to spend that time just hanging out with my wife indoors.  We own a condo and have lived in it for just over three years now.  We’ve never had any problems with heavy snow, rain or leaking for that matter.  Not surprising since the place is a new construction condo complex and only 3 years old itself.

Well this morning my wife calls me at work to break the news that our ceiling is leaking from the air conditioning vent.  This part of the ceiling only has the building roof above it so it’s either the roof is leaking or something else is and running down the AC vent shaft.  Great!

More bad news is that it’s leaking in our office, and what might most people have in their office these days?  Yup!  a computer.  Any chance this computer wasn’t right underneath the air conditioning vent that was leaking?  Nope!  Not a chance.  Destroyed

I haven’t seen the damage myself, but hopefully the laptop will dry out in a day or so and will start working.  Not looking good right now though.  Also the office desk paint has all bubbled up and is ruined.  Good Times at the Costello Condo today!

Now I get to play games with Insurance, condo association and warranty people who will no doubt try to blame me.

Giddy up!!

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  1. Now that’s a Christmas present nobody wants! I hope your homeowners company doesn’t give you too many problems but where computers are concerned, I have not found that to be the case.

    1. I’m going to be giving the computer a test startup when I get home from work. If that doesn’t work then the claim will be filed. I may file a claim anyway, because when dealing with water damage, the damage may be delayed. The reason is that water leaves behind mineral deposits when it dries, and these mineral deposits can cause over heating and other failures down the road.

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