Wow! That’s a Low Price

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cheap full lace wigsNo I’m not talking about a house.  Have you ever seen that annoying Staples commercial where the guy continually looks at the sales price of a product and yells out WOW…THAT’S A LOW PRICE!? I dislike that commercial because it’s so stupid, but it is a good lesson in marketing.

Last night at my bi-weekly real estate investors meeting we had a Speed Networking night where we all got 3 minutes to chat with someone across the table.  When the 3 minutes were up everyone slid down a chair and you network with someone new.

This is a great idea for a newbie investor as it forces you to break out of your shell and talk with others.  Networking can be intimidating the first few times you are at a meeting for sure.   One word of caution if any other groups want to try this, make sure you separate the tables and not cram everyone in on one long table.  The reason is because it gets so loud you can’t barely hear.

Most of the people at the meeting where your typical someone trying to give out information and record information about others.  It was like a 30 second interview done 30 times.  This one guy however was not like the others.  He had so much happy energy it was contagious. He was a dead ringing for the guy in the Staples commercial I mention before..

He was excited to meet anyone he talked with, made a big deal about what you were doing and simple lifted your mood and made you laugh and smile.  You rarely meet people like this and when you do they always stand out.    Just think of the lessons you can learn from him.  Marketing is about standing out, this guy certainly did.  he was the talk of the meeting after words.  Heck I’m even writing a blog post about him.

Have you ever been affected so much by someones great attitude that it instantly put you in a better mood?

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