A Couple Affiliate Sales and Extra Income Update

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Today is going to be a quick update on my extra earnings from my blog and other sites.  Last week I posted about trying to build up extra cash in order to fund my real estate investing marketing.  The goal is to accumulate roughly $200 of income per month through affiliate sales and PPC (pay per click) advertising.   I’ve chosen to use Google Adsense for my PPC advertiser and am currently only displaying ads on blog posts and articles that are older then 7 days.  There is a great plugin called Whydowork Adsense ads that automatically places the ads in your posts after the desired waiting period.

Affiliate Marketing and Adsense Totals

For my affiliate products I’ve chosen to sell the 4 products that I fully endorse and have used myself.

For the month of September so far I’ve done pretty good so far with my extra income. I’ve sold 2 31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate ebooks and have had some clicks on my adsense ads for what ever advertisement that was showing.  Here is how the money breaks down…

  • $30.60 – 31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate
  • $30.60 – 31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate
  • $13.50 – Adsense clicks

That gives me a total of $74.70.  That is awesome for a 9 day period, in fact that is the second highest total I’ve every had.

List Building

Another one of my strategies is to build email lists that I can use to give people recommendations of products that I have used and tips about investing.   So far I have two lists that I have been growing.  The first being my Facebook Fan page for this site which you can “Like” by clicking the “Like” button on the facebook banner in my sidebar.  The second is a list of people who have downloaded my free lead manager software.

(as a disclaimer for anyone who signs up for my facebook fan page, or downloads my lead manager software, I will not spam you with tons of offers.  I will only send you great tips and honest recommendations of products.  I will always make it clear when I’ve included an affiliate link).

  • 231 People have signed up for my Facebook Fan Page
  • 65 people have downloaded my software

My short term goal is to get 500 facebook fans and 500 downloads of my software.

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