Jon Zorrer’s Short Sales Uncensored (feat. Vena Jones-Cox)

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For those that have been reading my blog since about the New Year, you’ve heard me talk about Jon Zorrer and how he has been helping me out and really keeping me on track.  Every two weeks I get to sit down with him at our Meetup group and pick his brain about anything and everything.  The great part is he expects nothing in return and we have become good friends.

If anyone does not know who Jon Zorrer is,  He learned much of what he knows from nationally known and respected real estate investor Vena Jones-Cox.  In fact, Jon is a regular speaker at her events and is deeply involved with her students, teaching them the ins and outs of short sale investing and marketing.

I usually do not promote people’s products on my blog that I haven’t used myself, and this is no different as I’m in the process of going through Jon’s 5 week long Short Sales Uncensored modules that leads up to a 3 day bootcamp in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 23rd – 25th.  He really holds nothing back and I’m amazed at how much information he is able to give out about Short Sales and how to accomplish them in today’s world.

Here is the Module Breakdown (each module has up to 15 videos on numerous topics)

  1. Module 1 – Setting Up Your Short Sale Business For Success
  2. Module 2 – Marketing For Short Sales & Dealing With Sellers
  3. Module 3 – Setting up Your Short Sale to Succeed
  4. Module 4 – Coming soon
  5. Module 5 – Coming soon

Here is a quick agenda for the bootcamp

  • Jon Zorrer – Short Sale Process from A to Z
  • Vena Jones-Cox Marketing
  • Dorn Internet Marketing
  • Lucy Brenton – Credit Repair
  • Jerami King & Kasey Smith – Loss Mitigation
  • Winston Hahne – Contracts and Closings

If you are interested in the modules and the event you can get more information here (It’s an affiliate link)…

Short Sales Uncensored

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  1. Thanks for the info on this course, Scott. I've not heard of Jon Zerrer but I do enjoy and have learned quite a bit from Vena Jones-Cox – she's great! Thanks for sharing the info on the course as well as the bootcamp!

  2. Jon is an awesome guy who really knows what he is doing. I highly recommend getting to know him in any way you can.

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