25 things you didn’t know about me

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human hair extensionsMost Real Estate blogs I find don’t really have a personal element to them, it’s all Real Estate all the time.  The same can be said for real estate investing courses or how to books.  The very best books and blogs seem to get  you emotionally involved in some way shape or form.  For me, those authors who put a little of themselves out there in the open and intertwine personal experiences into their content are the books and blogs that I remember most and the ones I want to read.

This post is not exactly me intertwining my personal stories into my real estate investing world but I thought it would be fun to throw out 25 things that you guys and girls may not know about me.  I payed no attention to order or detail, they are just the first 25 things that popped into my head.

25 things you didn’t know about me

  1. I’ve had the same hair cut since I was 10
  2. I’m a huge Yankees, Giants and Knicks fan
  3. I am a very quiet person in general.  Won the award as most quiet in my high school class.  Also won most athletic
  4. One of my wife’s friends recently said that I my not talk much, but when I do it’s usually worth listening to.
  5. I don’t hold grudges, in fact I find it impossible to and I’ve tried!
  6. My 9 to 5 job is as a Software developer for an Engineering company where I develope financial and project management applications.
  7. I’m addicted to Ghost Hunters and any other Ghost finding shows
  8. I’ve been married for 3 years and love every second of it (no kids yet, just a little dog Jack)
  9. I am a technology Junkie! two of my favorite websites are Engadget.com and Gizmodo.com
  10. I am the middle child of 3 sons.  My brother Joe is 4 years younger then I am and my other brother, Tim, is 2 years older.
  11. When I married my wife, she described it as the Cleavers (from leave it to beaver) and Rosanne Bar’s family joining.  Guess which side my family is?
  12. My humor is all Sarcasm.  Really?  I never would have guess that
  13. I am a fantasy sports nut, to the point were my wife just rolls her eyes at the mear mention of it.  Sunday Ticket on Directv is awesome!
  14. I don’t mind watching girlie movies
  15. I proposed to my wife by sending her on a scavenger hunt that lasted all day.
  16. I got put on academic probation at Virginia Tech while I studied to become an Engineer.  I have no idea how anyone gets through engineering school, it’s Crazy!  Economics was an elective and by far the easiest class I had to take.  Dynamics, Differential Equations, Physics and Electronic Circuits all in the same semester.  F, F, D,D,C  and I’m no dummy
  17. I’m a terribly picky eater.  No seafood, no spicy, no vegetables, no mustard, mayo, oil, vinegar, Tia, Indian, most mexican, etc. It’s quicker to name the foods I do like.
  18. Favorite meal is either baby back ribs or fondue
  19. I love playing Basketball, baseball, soccer, ping pong and most sports
  20. My high game in bowling is 265
  21. My low round in golf is 74
  22. I do not drink, have only tasted a beer once and have never drank any alcohol ever
  23. Favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.  Morgan Freeman is the Man “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”
  24. I won $1500 on one hand of “let it ride” poker when I was 22, which was the only time I’ve ever come home from a casino in the black.
  25. My second hobby outside of real estate investing is building furniture (i’m a novice at that as well, but I love it)

So there you have it, hopefully you laughed a little bit and learned something fun about me.

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  1. Got some responses here for you…

    9) I love gizmodo and all their affiliate blogs
    15) Very clever proposal idea… My wife is a huge Dodger fan… I proposed on July 4th at dodger stadium while the fireworks were going off.
    17) You picky eaters drive me crazy… but I guess that's just because I'll eat anything.

    Great post idea… This would be a good twitter topic. Post one of these a day.

  2. I think my favorite of the 25 is that you've had the same haircut since you were 10. That's awesome in my book!

    So…….I guess you're not coming over any time soon for a couple of beers and my newly famous five alarm shrimp jambalaya?


  3. LMAO…I'd bring my own Diet Ice Tea and grilled chicken. I always tell people unless you know me really well, I wouldn't try cooking for me. I have no problems telling people I don't really like what they want to cook. If I just go along, I risk them making it for me over and over again…hehe

  4. LOL! This was awesome, Scotty! Like Steph, I got the biggest kick out of the haircut one. I'm still chuckling at that. You still have a baby face too….one day you'll have to break out two side by side photos from the past and current.

    I can't believe you eat no vegetables at all! Amazing that you can manage to still be so athletic with really picky eating habits 🙂

    Dang…..I better not go to the bowling alley with you! My highest score is in the mid-100s! I play much better on the Wii than in real life 😉

  5. You'd definitely be able to share more interesting things then I did. As my sister-in-law said at my wedding, I'm the perfect match for my wife because we are both so dull.

  6. I will have to dig up an old picture and do just that.

    I do eat some vegies, I just hate'm. Carrots and corn are about it.

  7. I hang out with my wife and usually get together with friends for dinners and just hanging out. That's my spead

  8. The high score came after getting a free bowling pass one summer that allowed me to bowl from 8am to 5pm for free. My friend and I would average 30 games a day. I even managed to break 200 left handed. If you had a free bowling pass I'm sure you'd be able to bowl a 265 too.

  9. Scott,

    I'm all about Fantasy Football. You won't find me out rehabbing houses on a Sunday during football season…. I'm all football, all day!!! Won my league 3 out of the last 4 years.

  10. “Dynamics, Differential Equations, Physics and Electronic Circuits all in the same semester.”

    You are making me feel smart 🙂 I got through all of those a bit better than you…now when it came to Quantum Physics…that's another story.

  11. I would have done much better if I didn't have to take them all at once. I just couldn't absorb all the material, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

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