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I had this thought last night while I couldn’t sleep.  I’m not sure if this will work out the way I hope it does but it’s worth a shot.

I invite everyone who has a real estate related blog to advertise it below in the comments.  If the blog is brand new or you’ve been typing out quality content for years, I want to know about it and add you to my RSS feed.

Here are the benefits for doing so

  1. Lets my growing readership know about your blog
  2. Get Free back link from a PR1 (just found out I’ve been promoted from a PR0!) site.  This helps you gain credibility
  3. You give me something else to read each day
  4. Good way to start networking
  5. Carey/Chris affect (I posted about her blog and a fellow reader, Chris, gave her some awesome, unsolicited advice)

The end goal is that I’d love to grow a huge list of active rei blogs.  So here is what I want you to say in your comment.

Site: Http://www.StrugglingInvestor.com
Name: Scott Costello
About: My blog is about a 9 to 5 drone trying to break free from the path to no where. I’m investing part time and even though I haven’t gotten my first deal yet I’m getting closer and closer.  My center of attention right now is probate investing and post about how I’m doing it and sharing my experiences.

Ok share away!

Disclaimer If this post is a collosal failure, which it might turn out to be, I will be deleting it and pretending I never came up with this terrible idea

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  1. Site: http://craigfuhr.com
    Name: Craig Fuhr
    About: My blog is about an average guy doing above average things…..not really. Seriously, I do some pretty cool rehabs in Maryland and I like to take pictures and video of all the progress. Along the way, I usually think up a few tasty tidbits to share with others who may be doing or thinking about doing what I am lucky enough to do for a living.

  2. Site: http://www.justinmcclelland.com
    Name: Justin McClelland
    About: My blog is about my journey to a 7-figure net worth gained primarily via real estate. I hold nothing back in my disclosures in my post as I attempt to be as transparent as possible, while still having fun. It's all in effort to chronicle my business for myself and also to display to others the adversities experienced in obtaining such a goal.

  3. Site: http://blog.dodeals.com
    Name: Tim Mai
    About: My blog shows you how to invest in Foreclosures, REO Properties, Pre Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and Wholesaling. I also held a daily show @ 8am CST called Happy Hour TV. I will be sharing some valuable insights, not just on business practices, but on how to stay happy and content, not just “because of”, but “despite of”. I will show How YOU can be happier. How YOU can be healthier. How YOU can be more content. How YOU can smile more. How YOU can have better relationships. How YOU can be more passionate about life and living it. I will show you how to start your day with the right mindset and the right motivation. I will show you how to start your day inspired, empowered and happy!

  4. Site: http://Subject2.com
    Name: Big Pimpin
    About: My blog is about being a gangster rapper who's ballin. I be pimpin da hoes and spitten lyrical heat daily son. ~I'm sorry Ms. Jackson; I am fo real, I never meant to make your daughter cry, I just smacked that @ss all night~

  5. Website: http://www.JLamarFerren.com
    Style: New Breed Real Estate Investing

    About: My blog focuses on real estate investing and heavily on marketing. I also talk about the the importance of developing yourself as a successful being, as well as the importance of building genuine relationships with others. My intent is to get investors to see beyond the traditional ways of doing business and begin thinking, investing, and attracting wealth outside the box.

  6. REI Adventures:http://www.wealth-steps.com/flip-that-house.html
    Blog: http://www.wealth-steps.com/wealth-blog.htm

    About: Yes, I am also a real estate investor that owns rentals but right now have fallen in love with rehabbing and flipping. Had a successful first flip last year and I am trying to do it again and again…I document all my before/after and lessons learned so you can benefit from what I learn.
    However, in my site I try to focus in the whole picture of creating wealth not just real estate investing.

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  8. Hi Scott!

    I thought I'd make an introduction here. My blog focuses on mobile home investing. I write and share my stories and adventures investing in mobile homes. For anyone interested in investing in mobile homes, feel free to check it out. Thanks for reading, looking forward to connecting with you!

  9. The Lifestyles Unlimited website offers free articles, podcasts, videos, and more to help both beginning and seasoned investors create passive income streams and become financially free with real estate. Every Monday we post a new article on all sorts of real estate investing topics, ranging from the real estate market to personal finances. We've recently started a mini internet reality series featuring our mentors- follow them along as they acquire property and secure their financial future!

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