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ebookcoverfinalOn another note, my friend Stepani Davis has just release her eBook, Flip This REO!.  She seriously put her heart and soul into it and the end result is 57 pages of pure content.  Steph provides great tips, strategies and has answered every question someone could possibly have about wholesaling REOs.   I’m sure most of you who read my blog already read Steph’s blog, so you know how great and always helpful she is.  Get this eBook today!

You can Buy it here -> Flip This REO

A Few Other Things

I find that one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks during a day is to keep up on all the current information and happenings in my market.   As I was searching around yesterday I remembered hearing about a tool called Google Alerts.  I was able to setup a couple searches for new jersey probate and new jersey inheritance and have google send me daily emails that include anything new that was posted in the last 24 hours the contained those keywords.   It’s so very simple but a huge time savor so far.

Last Real Estate class is tonight and now I can schedule my test.  I’ll probably shoot to take it sometime over the next two weeks.  This way all the information is still fresh in my mind and it gives me a week or so to brush up on some topics.  I’m so excited to be getting my license.

I was browsing through the posts over at flipping homes and read one by a member named Alex (aacosta1).  It is a very motivating story and for anyone struggling out there you should definitely read it.  Here is an excerpt…

…A few years back when I first decided to jump in and get my feet wet in this real estate game I got BURNED! I took the advice of what I believed to be my “friend” and trusted that he would guide me in the right direction. I believed that this “friend” was in real estate and was making money the legit way…

Take a few minutes and read the rest of his story here

Have a good day everyone!  I know I will

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