Rehabbing for Big Cash – Version 2.0

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As much as I loved Steve’s Wholesaling for Quick Cash course, this has the same quality but takes it a step further.  About 80% of the information is identical to his wholesaling course, which includes networking, property acquisitions, financing, etc…  The extra 20% is what makes this course unique.  Steve takes you through how to properly rehab a house.  After acquiring the property, this course walks you through the steps you must take to successfully rehab a house.  There are checklists to keep you organized as well.

I’m not a rehabber so I haven’t gotten the most out of this course, but I can safely recommend it for any rehabber out there.   The best part about any of Steve’s courses is getting to know Steve Cook.  So buy his course, go to his free forums at and start learning!

I just learned he is also offering an Upgrade package to this course for $39, so if you already have it, this might be worth your while.

Link: Steve Cook’s Rehabbing for Big Cash, Version 2.0

Price: $297

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