Steve Cook’s Wholesaling for Quick Cash, Version 2.0

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M_38.jpgIf you want to become a wholesaler you have to get this course. You will not find a more information packed product for the price. $297?!?  It’s just worth it. Once you read through this you will be able to go out and start investing, I promise.

Now don’t expect this manual to cover everything down to the finest of details.  Which is a good thing because getting down to those details will just bog you down and keep you from investing.  The point of Wholesaling for Quick Cash is to give you the steps to take so you are confident and ready to invest.

A few things that I wish it had though, but wouldn’t keep me from buying it, are the lack of example mailers and a how to on developing a squeeze page.   I will give Steve the benefit of the doubt as those two items are not in the scope of his criteria for finding sellers.  He mainly uses the MLS for REOs and networking to find his leads.   It still would have been nice to have.

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Link: Steve Cook’s Wholesaling for Quick Cash, Version 2.0

Price: $297


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