Limited Edition: Completely Audio of the 2007 Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive Bootcamp

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As you guys probably have guessed I really admire Steve Cook and think his products are top notch.   I received Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive as part of a bonus for for attending one of his live events.  While the live event couldn’t be beat, these DVDs did a great job for less. Actually he covered more material in the 5 day Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive then in the 3 day event I went to and they COST THE SAME!  It amazed me how much information he can cram into such a short period of time.   For the most part he really lays it out so a complete newbie could understand it.  There is a reason why he has so many students that attend his bootcamps over and over again.   I’ve been to one and I will be going back for his next training that is for sure!

It’s tough for me to sum up everything that he covers so I’ll just grab the info off his site…

The topics he covers in this product are

  • A step-by-step approach to understanding the wholesale transaction.
  • understanding the fix-and-flip transaction, inside out.
  • Establishing your REI business model (zeroing in on your niche)
  • Creating a structured business plan around your model
  • The very profitable art of being a full service wholesaler
  • Flipper marketing (entire, in-depth session)
  • Creative deal structuring (entire session, how to get turn dead ends into cash)
  • The “1-2 Punch” business model, inside out, upside down, backwards & forwards
  • How to build your deal network (Steve’s unique approach – sellers & buyers)
  • Proven formulas for “doing the flipping numbers” to tell a deal from a dud.
  • Effectively selecting and dealing with contractors (as needed)
  • Secret to assessing a property in a few, quick minutes instead of hours
  • How to assess “Yucky House” repairs quickly and accurately
  • How to determine where you should be buying (neighborhood scale)
  • Finding and understanding your buyers, inside out.
  • Building your team of professionals, from A to Z.
  • The art of the closing table (simultaneous vs. double closings; what to know)
  • How to get the money (when you need it)
  • Helping your buyers get the money when they need it
  • How to determine a house’s value (reading “comps” effectively for a flip)
  • How and why to do deals on a quality vs. quantity mindset
  • How to stay in complete control of your deal
  • Deciding on type of rehab and target market when doing a fix-and-flip deal.
  • How a dealmaker uses “the offer” for much more than buying houses
  • Effectively handling calls from sellers
  • Buyer wrangling.
  • Flipper advertising (what works, what doesn’t, what’s ethical, what’s not)
  • And much, much more…

As with all the products I will recommend, I own and have used it.  To buy it follow the link below

Link: Limited Edition: Completely Audio of the 2007 Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive Bootcamp

Price: $797


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