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Today is my day to try and get Pre-Qualified. I talked to the broker that is working with the realtor I just found and I actually got rejected for any kind of mortgage…haha. That is basically because I was trying to pull the mortgage myself (excluding my wife) and making 80k and 800 credit score just wasn’t going to cut it with my current bills (even though those bills are shared with my wife). I didn’t want them to run my wife’s credit before talking to her about it, but the guy was confident we could get something done if I included her. As part of being a good husband I’m not going to make that decision without my better half’s say.

As I sat in my cube, after talking with the broker, I got one of those DUUHHH moments. See, I’m currently getting my own mortgage refinanced so why not just ask that guy if I could get a Pre-Qual from him?? he already has all my financial info and my wifes, so no more credit checks. Is that going back on what I said in my last paragraph? I’m not sure.


I’ve gotten my iPhone3g and it’s pretty cool so far. I’m going to have to get use to the size of it as it’s bigger then my old blackberry pearl. Anyhow, I downloaded a twitter app and plan on tweeting when I do something or get an idea. This will serve as a reminder of what i want to write about in my blog and also give you guys a status on how my goals are going. So feel free to follow my tweets 🙂

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