Goals for 5/4 to 5/10

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I did well this week with my goals. finished all 5 of them…

1) Get the numbers for 2 For Rent houses

This wasn’t easy as I think I got the only 2 houses that are For Rent in my town. I now remember back a few months a did some research of the percent of rentals in some areas and Hanover came back at less then 1 percent. The couple for rents I’ve seen in the past seem to have disappeared.

Call 2 Landlords

I called the two numbers, both of them where Weichert listings. I got a voice mail and left a message on one and the other was some lawyers voice mail. I didn’t leave a message, should I have?

Finish Reading “The 4 Hour Work Week”

Just finished this up tonight. Great book and it dealt with a lot of what I’ve been thinking about over the past 6 months. Ideas I picked up from this book are the 80/20 rule (i.e. 80% of the work is done in 20% of the time. This can be applied to everything in life pretty much). The idea is to not worry about the last 20% or eliminate that from your life, thus freeing up a lot of time! I agree with this. Another concept is automation and deligation. READ THE BOOK!

Get all the information for Pre-Licensing course

Did this early in the week and posted about it in a previous post so I won’t rehash.

Ask 1 Realtor if i could use their MLS access

I did this but got denied. I asked an appraiser friend of mine, but he just didn’t feel comfortable giving out his user name and password. I did however talk to a realtor this weekend who is setting me up with some sort of account for their own personal webpage that will give me access to some buyers site. I will get pretty much the full MLS. Not sure what it’s all about just yet but I will report back.

Goals for this week

  • Sign up for the Realtor Course
  • Get Pre-qualified so I can make offers
  • Call Hard Money Lender
  • Find owner of a vacant house (I will post about this tomorrow)
  • Finish my goals by Saturday leaving Sunday to plan for the upcoming week

How do those sound??

Have a good week everyone, Monday’s are the best!

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