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In an attempt to find the “for rent” houses in my area, I drove around my neighborhood on my way home from work yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the houses that I thought were for rent, but I did see a couple of houses that were of some interest. It just hit me, that I should have taken a picture and posted it here. Anyhow, the house looks like it was going to be renovated but they only got as far as tearing off the roof and stripping down the rest of the house to just walls. Their is a big blue tarp covering the house as well. It had a Keller Williams For Sale sign in the front yard. I wrote down the number and I’m going to give them a call to see what is up.

Also I’m not sure if anyone remembers from a post back in the fall, but the house the was vacant (woman died and now the children own it) stills seems to be vacant. It’s definitely in the probate process so If I can dig up the number of one of the children I had I’m gonna call them again and see how things are going 🙂

My Goals for this week are going ok. I’ve accomplished two of them

  • Asked a realtor for mls access, but got declined
  • Got the information for the Pre-Licensing realtor training
  • Got one For Rent number (need one more)
  • Have 120 pages left in the “4 hour work week”. I’m a slow reader so it’s going to be close!
  • Still need to call 2 Landlords – WHY DO I KEEP PUTTING THIS OFF??????

Craigslist Ads

I’ve been consistently getting responses from my ads. Probably 2 to 3 people every week. This week I’ve lined up a couple of Short Sale investors to throw leads at when I get some. Also was looking for a realtor who would submit my offers and got two good candidates that I will set up a meeting with. I also had a Hard Money lendor email me and tell me he has alot of clients who would be interested in deals. The more people you know the better!!

I’ve found that the simple ads work the best. One or two sentences. everytime I get to wordy I get no responses. Just food for thought to anyone reading this.

Goals Website

Biting off of what Steph is doing on her blog with Accountability Monday, I was thinking that it would be cool to have a website that strickly dealt with Goal setting and accountability. Who likes that idea?

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  1. I agree with the “less is more” strategy for ads. I learned the same lesson when I tried to sell my last home FSBO.

  2. I agree with the “less is more” strategy for ads. I learned the same lesson when I tried to sell my last home FSBO.

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