Goals for 5/18 to 5/24

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This week was a little hectic as I lost a couple days to some family emergencies. So it was good that I only assigned myself 3 goals. I did ok with all things considered but I think I could have done a better job, lets review…

  • Get pre qualified for a loan. DONE

    This I sort of cheated on cause I had a Pre-Qual letter from Coastal Funding already. Like I mentioned in a previous post I had forgotten I had this but will attempt to use it. I still would like to get pre-approved by an actual bank although I have my doubts that I can at the moment, unless I include my wife. Now I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Steve Cooks no debt investing and I’d love to try and figure out how best to do that.

  • Find 2 rehabbers in my area and contact them. DONE

    I found one looking through craigslist ads and sent the guy an email just asking if he’d be intrested in any deals I may come across. The other rehabber is the father of a friend of mine. Granted it’s a friend who I don’t talk to much at all these days because of life, but I emailed his father as well. Maybe I’ll get something back maybe not.

  • Contact the probate at 20 Wilson St. – DONE

    Because I’m a little leary of calling up a family who is grieving from the lose of a loved one I decided to send them a letter. I got this letter from Preston Ely and I hand wrote out the envelope. I think this is the best way and is good practice for next week.

This Weeks Goals

  • Create a Squeeze page for Sellers
  • Create a Squeeze page for buyers
  • Go to the courthouse on Friday to look for Probate leads
  • See if my realtor would accept the Coastal funding PreQual with an offer
  • Go to the Gym twice this week (I needed a fifth goal)

I sometimes have trouble coming up with goals for myself and thought it might be a good idea to have you guys help me sometimes. Anyone care to suggest some goals for me? Maybe we could help each other out and keep each other motivated?

Have a good week! My summer hours start this week so I work 9 hour days M-Th and get a half day on fridays. Totally makes my weekends better!

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