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I just got my copy of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover yesterday in the mail. I’m excited to get into the guts of the book and make some changes to my financial life. Granted my wife and I do a great job of limiting our debt with credit cards (we have none), but even with a decent savings out house mortgage and car payments really keep us having to work our JOBs and be fearful of loosing them. As I’m reading the book I’m sure I’ll hit on some topics that I’ll post about here so stay tuned!

Steve Cook

Last night Steve Cook had a call about deal structuring that was excellent! He went over different scenarios and explained how he would…

  • Structure the deal
  • What he’d sell the property for
  • What kind of lender he would try and use
  • How to handle the downpayment
  • etc…

Steve is also have what seems to be a wonderful bootcamp coming up in june. I’d love to be able to go, but my wife and I already have plans for that weekend. The price for the bootcamp is $1500, soudns like a lot but hey he gives you all his courses for free which you could easily sell for 1500 + the traveling expenses. That is assuming you already have his material because if you don’t you should keep them.


Outside of the above, what ever momentum I had a few weeks ago has died out completely. I’ve got to hunt down another investor who is willing to let me try and sell some of his stuff so I can keep myself in the game.

Maybe a little help…here is the post card I’ve been sending out and getting no responses from. What could I change? let me have it!

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