Weekend Plans

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Nothing new over the past two days except for working on my REI Links webpage a little bit. If you have the time go check it out and give me some feedback. It’s not nearly done and on only has 3 links so far, but the format is there and you can get a good idea of where i’m going with it.


Weekend Plans

This weekend I’m going to do the following…

  • Review, analyze and Rework my goals some.
  • Post ads on craigslist advertising a new house that Jarred is selling
  • Create a system to organize my mailings (Read Neds comment a few posts down about the 7 bucket method).
  • Look at open houses on sunday (only 10 more till 100)
  • rework my post card a little
  • mail out more letters

I’ve been brain storming (pun intended cause it is POURING outside right now) lately trying to come up with ways to have passive income coming in and i’m not getting to many ideas. How are some of you getting passive income, outside of rental property? There might not be many ways, but I figured I throw that out there for discussion.

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