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Yesterday I had one of the people on my buyers list say he had someone who was “Really Interested” in a house I was shopping for another wholesaler I know. But wouldn’t you know it, they just accepted an offer on the house. SO CLOSE! There’s another house coming up in whippany that I’m going to pimp to my ever growing buyers list, maybe this time!

The craigslist ads that I’ve been posting to find buyers has been working pretty good. I just keep it simple and general.

70% of LTV houses in Whippany
Cash buyers prefered
Call or email for more details

I find if I get to wordy I don’t get the responses. The best ad so far has been the one where I advertised the House in Whippany for Jarred. Most have been investors that have replied, but a few have been OOs.

I’ve gotten a total of 8 buyers on my list now. One says he is a cash buyer which is good. I don’t know the quality of them, but I guess at this stage I’ll get as many buyers as possible and weed out the GOOD ones later.

Got A Call!

Yesterday I got a call from my mailers…YES! Let me first say I really don’t want to be taking the calls at work, cause I live in Cube Land and everyone can hear your phone conversations. Not a good idea to be talking about my real estate business at me J.O.B. Getting back to the caller….I haven’t gotten a call in a while so I was off my game, he asked me “What kind of foreclosure service I was” and since I wasn’t expecting that I said…”Oh I’m not a service, I buy houses, are you interested in selling?” He then mumbled an “Oh, Ok” and then thanked me and hung up.

Now what I should have said was that I offer a few services that could help him out. Then asked if I could call him back later that evening to talk about his options.

One of my weaknesses is I don’t think very clearly when put on the spot, at least when I’m nervous. This will get better as I field more calls.


I’ve registered the domain name and have setup the framework for the website. I know what the content is going to be, but I’ve got to figure out how to categorize the links. Such as flippinghomes.com would be a “Education” and TampaStephs blog would be a “Blog”. I will also have “Forums” and “Resources” categories. I’m going to have an “editor’s Review and Rating” and also want to setup “User Reviews” as well as “Link Submissions”. In the end it shouldn’t really be to hard to get content, the hard part is going to be making it simple and usable. I’m thinking Web 2.0!

Have a good hump day

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