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I got a call from one of the investors I had found on craigslist this morning. Of course I missed the call, but he left a message. He said his name was Jarred and he sounded like the guy who runs the meetups we have which would be cool. I’ll have to ask him when I call him back tonight. He wanted to talk to me about bird dogging for him.

Emailing the Investor ads seems to be a good way to network in the area. I’ve gotten two people to contact me out of the two emailings I’ve done. I will say I’ve got to try and keep track of who I emailed because I don’t want to be sending the same request to the same person over and over again.


I think for my next mailer I’m going to send out a letter. It won’t take me to long to put together and I only have 25 or so pre-foreclosures each week. For the second mailings I might continue with the postcards or a follow up letter. I will let you know how it works out.

That’s it for today.

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