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Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week, I’m reorganizing my priorities now that the holidays are over. I managed to sell my car, which is good, and now it’s time to sell my car computer and to see if I can get any money back from my 100k warranty that was on my car.

As far as investing goes…

I’ve been getting a good amount of “Return to Sender” from the postcards that I sent out before Christmas. Not sure what to do with those yet, but I’m saving them. Out of the 150 I sent out I’m guess I got back around 15 so far. So 10% with no recipient makes for a bad list in my book, but it’s a very short book so if anyone knows better please inform 😉

I signed up for another list service, this time one that specifically gives me lists of foreclosures on a daily basis…

…They update the site every day with the most recent filings for a given county. You have the option of 1 to All counties and also how many weeks you’d like to signup for. I chose 4 as a test run. It cost $50 for 1 county for 4 weeks. I’ll start sending my post cards to these people at the end of the week as the list grows.

That’s about it for today, I’m going to restart my open house tour this coming sunday. And this time I’ll be asking the listing agents for any Short Sales they have so I can refer them to the guys at NjQuickSell.

Have a good one

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