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Hope everyone had a good Christmas break! As you can probably guess I didn’t do any Real Estate stuff over the long weekend, I just enjoyed being with my family and friends.

I got a strange voice mail last weekend from a lady who wanted to know what “This Thing” was about. I can only assume that she was talking about a postcard that I had sent out. I have to cross check her name with the names on my list. Then I’m going to call her this week and see what she meant by “This Thing”. I thought that was kind of funny though.

Tomorrow I am going to be meeting with Scott and Tom from NJQuicksell to go over some of their techniques as well as some of the strategies they are trying to implement. This should be very helpful as I start getting calls from my postcards.

On a personal note, but also real estate related, My wife and I are going to refinance our mortgage to try and take advantage of these LOW rates. We’ve only owned our condo for a year, but if we can drop our rate by over a point it will knock off about 250 bucks a month from our mortgage payments!!


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