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This past weekend was a long one! I was almost looking forward to Monday coming. My Sister-in-Law was up for the weekend with her 3 year old and new born baby and was staying with us. That alone isn’t that bad as the kids are both pretty good, it only gets interesting when they rile up our dog and then there is barking, screaming, barking, screaming and me having to chase the dog around because he got one of the kids socks or toys. I was mentally prepared for that this weekend, but what I wasn’t prepared for is my brother-in-law’s wife having their child 2 weeks early and us getting stuck with their 2 year old as well. As cute as she is, she is a little devil and stirs up the 3 year old and the dog. All this started on Thursday night and ended Sunday afternoon around 3pm. With all that said I love them all and would do it again…but not to soon…haha

One question for all the parents out there, how do you hand the chaos all the time? My wife and I can’t imagine how we are going to handle it or even if we want to.

I told you all of that as a way of saying I didn’t have much time to do Real Estate investing stuff this weekend. But what time I did have I took advantage of…

Call Back…
I called back the guy who responded to my postcard last week. I was nervous but I just forced my fingers to dial the number. I had listened to an audio recording, of Bill Guerra (highly recommended), about screening sellers on the phone for about 2 days straight. So I was prepared.

This guy was a bit of a mess and all disheveled. He wanted more information so I told him,

I buy houses when I can. I pay all cash and can usually close in 7 to 14 days if we can come to an agreement on price that works for both of us.

I then asked if he was interested in selling his house. He said he wasn’t, but the way he said it you could tell that he might have to sell in the near future. He was open to having me come out to the house to take a look and give him an offer though.

At this point I took the opportunity to tell him that I will talk with my partner (NjQuickSell) and one of us would call him back and discuss seeing his place as well as a few other options he may have.

All in all it was pretty easy to talk to this seller. As I talk to more sellers I will try to get more information out of them and get more into their house. To follow advice that Steve Cook gives…Learn from each phone call, after the call think about what you said and how you can handle the situation better next time. If you keep doing that you will get better and better!

More Mailers
Keeping up with my Sunday evening ritual, I sent out 25 more postcards. Once I reach about 500 postcards I will analyze my results and see how I can make changes.

I also plan on sending out a yellow letter type mailer as my second contact with these leads. I also want to send a follow up letter to anyone who responds to my postcards, that didn’t want to sell at the time, with a “Thankyou/Keep me in mind” letter.

I started to modify my webpage again in an effort to make it more up to speed with what I’m trying to accomplish right now. Before I had set it up as more of an official about my business site. When I finish it I will post a link to get any feed back from you guys that you wish to share.

Open Houses
This was unfortunately squashed because of the kids. Count still stands at 57

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