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Great post by Nate-WI over at Flipping Homes about what you can do to drive leads your way…

1. Business cards

2. Magnets on your car or wrapped with vinyl

3. Bandit Signs

4. Calling for rent signs to get possible buyers

5. Knocking on doors for pre-foreclosures

6. Creating a website

7. Daily Craigslist ads – other free website advertising

8. Direct mailers – USPS postcard mailers to target area is usually reasonable

9. Hanging flyers in places (Laundromats, anywhere locally that will let you.)

10. If you are a real estate agent or know one – hand out flyers or knock on the doors of expired listings or houses that have been listed for a while and the owner is motivated (i.e. repairs, estate, etc.)

11. Talk, talk, talk! Just remember to always tell folks what you do; what you’re looking for and that you pay referral fees.

12. Calling ads in your local throw away paper. Call fsbo’s, for rents, and anything that mentions in need of repairs.

13. Call attorneys that deal with probates, divorce, bankruptcies, etc. See if you can get them to send you leads. Follow up with a nice letter. Perhaps take ’em to lunch. (Get their names for free online or in your local paper.)

14. Place an ad in a nickel& dime paper.

15. Pass out fliers and business cards at your local REIA club.

16. MLS– Networking with Realtors.

17. Use an email signature line appended to your general correspondence, explaining what you do and what you’re after.

18. Handwritten, yellow pad letters: “I was passing by your house and I noticed that…”

19. Get your name known to local officials and local bankers.

20. Most importantly……..Take ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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