Virginia…Here I come

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My wife’s sister had a baby girl this past wednesday, 6lbs 9ounces and a head full of hair! So my wife and I are going to drive down to Northern Virginia and meet Maggie for the first time. I’m excited to see her, but 5 hour car rides aren’t my idea of fun. It’s all about family though!

It’s to bad my sister-in-law couldn’t wait a week to have her baby or it would have put me in a perfect spot to go to Steve Cook’s bootcamp.

Haha, I was just thinking about that conversation with my wife….

Me: Hey hun, go ahead to the hospital without me I’ve got other plans.

Wifey: excuse me? what other plans?

Me: Well I paid 1200 bucks to go to a real estate bootcamp, i figured you could see the baby and I could improve our future…

Wifey: ****I’m gonna kill you look*****

Me: So what time do we leave to see the baby? 🙂

That would be a long 5 hour drive back to Jersey for sure. Anyhow this means I’m not gonna get much done this weekend, so I’ll just get a book on marketing and read it on the way down. My favorite Marketing guy has a list of recommended readings here…

Recommeneded resources

Have a good weekend all!

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