The Secret to Making Offers that the Gurus won’t tell you

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haha…I’m just practicing my marketing headlines, did I intrigue you guys?

On my way to achieving my goal this month of sending out 10 offers, I’ve run into an initial road block.

Now it’s not a big road block but it made me realize that I need to have Leads coming in!!! How do I submit offers on properties that I don’t have knowledge of? Stupid me! I also realized I need the following…

  1. A Realtor to Submit offers to REO’s or any listed property
  2. Get Pre Approved/Qualified
  3. Create my sales letter to send out to my leads

I’m working on #1….I’ve got two potential Realtors that seem interested in working with me. Jay, the agent I met on my open house tour and Doreen the Realtor who was involved when I bought my condo last year.

#2…I’ve got a few potential sources.

  • Coastal Funding
  • One of the local banks in my previous post
  • Some mortgage brokers that Doreen and Jay have used (I like the first two options better)

#3…I’m working on it while Reading Dan Kennedy’s “Ultimate Sales Letter”

I hate that feeling of spinning my wheels and not getting any where. That over whelmed feeling you get when you come up to something new and you are not sure how to proceed because you could go in 100 different directions. I always tell myself to just pick one way and go with it, the rest will follow. I usually follow my advice, but until I decide which way to go…odgida sets in!!

Have a good week!

P.S. Open house Count: 37

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