I forgot it was sunday!

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I usually have baseball games from noon to 5 on sunday (I pitch), but yesterday the games were canceled. I found this out Saturday night so I was like cool I can spend some time with my wife before she goes to work, which I did. As usual on Sundays I went to my mom’s house for dinner and she asked me if I had gone to any open houses today because she noticed a lot of them. DOH!! I completely forgot it was Sunday! I had a good opportunity to go look at some open houses in my area to help me learn values. My goal is to go to 100 open houses by the end of the year, I’ve been to 9 so far this summer (remember I’ve got baseball every Sunday from 12 to 5 and that’s when the open houses are!?!?).

We are in the playoffs for baseball now so if we lose we are out and I can concentrate more on real estate on Sundays then. I’m not playing next year, I love it, but it just takes up to much time.

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