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Lack of motivation is one of the hardest things in life to overcome for me and I’m sure a lot of other people. I constantly struggle with getting myself to do things from taking out the garbage to exercising. Hell sometimes I will put a glass in the sink instead of taking that ONE extra step to put it into the dishwasher!?!? Why is that? I wish I had an answer. What I have learned in my 31 years is that laziness is a frame of mind, and can build up over time. If you are lazy about one thing, it seems to act as a reason to be lazy about something else. I kind of equate it to when I was in college, in the beginning of the semester I would force myself to get up to go to class in the morning. I would do so for about half the semester and then one day I would give into temptation and skip the class. From that point on I found it very easy to convince myself to skip that class, and would do so. The motivation to get up in the morning for that class was gone, why??? I don’t know, I just know it happened and quickly!

Yesterday was a good day for me in this department until about 10pm. When I got home from my JOB I picked up my puppy, Jack, from my Mom’s (she was watching him today because the little guy hasn’t been feeling well and needed some one to bring him out Often!).

I took him outside, in my parents fenced in back yard, to play with him for about 20 minutes. After that I convinced myself that running on the elliptical machine was a good idea so I hoped on for about 30 minutes. Broke a sweat! After that I went home and did some work for my brother. Not as much as I would have liked as every time I turn my back on Jack he either is chewing the corner of our furniture, jumping on the kitchen table and grabbing what ever is on there or sitting behind me barking to play with him. If you’ve ever heard of a keep away dog, he is it (i’ll post a video sometime of him playing keep away). He loves to grab something he isn’t suppose to have (my cell phone) and run around the table trying to get you to chase him. If you stop chasing him and walk away he follows you until you turn around and chase him again. LOADS OF FUN!!!! After that fun last night I didn’t feel like doing any more work so I just watch TV from about 10:30pm to when my wife got home around 11:45. I should have gotten more work done for my brother.

Anyhow I’ve got to get back to work

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