Thanks again for joining the growing community of Struggling Investors.  Please don’t misunderstand the name Struggling Investor, it is not a literal description of how my investing is going but more of a reference to working hard to become a full time investor.  In order to be successful I believe you must struggle through the journey.  This struggle is how we all learn and get better, how we become masters of our domain (I love Seinfeld by the way!).

I began writing my blog in 2009 in order to help me stay accountable while trying to start my real estate investing career and it certainly has done that.  The people that have come into my life because of this blog have been invaluable to my success.  Hopefully the people who have met me I’ve had the same affect upon.  That is my new goal with my blog, is to help as many people as possible.

Useful Tools For Getting Started

It’s crazy to say this Scott, but I’ve written over 650 posts since the beginning.  For sure there are some good posts and some bad ones.  I have picked out a few posts that might help you get to know me better and perhaps point you in the right direction in terms of your real estate investing.

Also, here is a list of some tools and forms that I’ve either created or have used that have been invaluable to me so far..

What You Can Expect

My goal for this email list is to help you stop talking about investing and actually become a Real Estate Investor.  I’ll be sending information about lessons that I’ve learned from my mistakes.  There is no better way to learn then from other people’s mistakes, and I make them all the time!

Other information that you’ll receive by being apart of my Struggling Investor Community are…

  • Information about great resources that I have read
  • Recommendations from tools that I have used and found invaluable
  • And Anything else I think is worth sharing


I’m always honest with my intentions and I really do care about you and your success.  I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for people like yourself, who come to my blog and support me.  It touches my heart, seriously.

When I do recommend a course or a product that I have bought it is because I really love it and think you it would really help you as well.  If the product has an affiliate program I sign up so I can help support them.  I will never hard sell these products, only tell you my experiences with them.  At the end of the post/email I will provide an affiliate link and a non affiliate link for that product.  If you want to purchase that product/service and choose to use the affiliate link I thank you for that as that money goes directly back into my investing business.  If you don’t, that is fine as well…I’ll still Love You 🙂

**All Affiliate Links will be marked with an *AL*  to make sure they stand out. **

Thanks again for signing up and look to get your first action item tomorrow.  Get Ready!!

Scott Costello
Chief Struggling Investor (CSI)
(973) 910-1001

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