Podio Tutorial – Get Address Info from Google Maps API

Thank you for your interest in this Podio Tutorial that I put together. I did my best to break down this process into step-by-step instructions. By following this tutorial you should gain an understanding on how to use GlobiFlow to make a Google MAPS API call to get back Address information.

What is this tutorial about?

This tutorial will show you how to use Podio, GlobiFlow and the Google Maps API to obtain the full address information of a property. This address information includes Formatted Address,Street Number, Street Name, Neighborhood, City, County, State, Country, Postal Code, Postal Code Suffix, Longitude and Latitude.

Why did I create the process?

This procedure was necessary for my business because I need to have the County and Zip Code for every address. Sellers who submit their property info through my website fail to include these bits of information (mainly the County).

The County information is used to help me redirect the lead to a partner who works in that area. While I could add a form field for County and make it required on my website forms, doing so just ads additional questions which turns many sellers off. The less fields the better.

How Difficult is this to do?

I feel that setting up this process is fairly straight forward because I’ve done the hard work for you. The Podio Calculation field code is the challenge here, but since I provided the code for you all you’ll have to do is cut and paste that part.

Basically this process consists of adding 13 fields to a Podio App and creating a Globiflow process that has 2 Actions…fairly simple. The difficulty is understanding exactly what is going on and doing something you’ve probably never done before.

Difficulty Level

Video Tutorial Starts Here

Follow this tutorial from Module 1 to 4. Each module builds upon the last one so if you skip ahead the process most likely won’t work.

If you have any questions going through the tutorial, leave a comment below. It’s better to leave a comment then email me directly because my answers can help others who may have similar issues. Thanks 🙂

Final Thoughts by Scott

To me this process is awesome because it pulls in information about a property directly from Google Maps. I always hated having to do a Google Search myself just to find a Zip code or the County information. This saves me hours each month.

What this process also did was increase my knowledge and understanding about what can be done in Podio and GlobiFlow. Just think about all the other APIs out there that we might be able to leverage now that we know how to do it.

Best of luck!
-Scott Costello

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